Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel Nijmegen has a number of partnerships with law firms and mediators. The main reason behind these collaborations is the so-called “warm transfer”; we want to provide you with the best possible guidance if you are considering engaging a lawyer or mediator. Visiting our legal advice center may have been quite a step for you, let alone having to call in a lawyer or mediator. Precisely for this reason, we think it is important that we are aware of which law firms and mediation offices we refer you to. The board is in close contact with our partners. We can therefore inform you about the procedures of the office in question. If desired, we can make the first contact with the partner office.

Eerste rechtshulp was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering everyone the opportunity to consult a lawyer, mediator or administrator free of charge.

Companies or individuals who have wrongly received a traffic fine can lodge an objection free of charge on the website of In addition, offers people who have wrongly been held in pre-trial detention at a police station and/or detention center the opportunity to request compensation free of charge. Only €10 is charged (to cover the costs) for drawing up a notice of opposition against a criminal order. has since grown into one of the largest legal aid platforms in the Netherlands. Thanks to volunteers (including former judges), (pro deo) lawyers, mediators, administrators, legal advice centers and online cooperation partners, all help can be offered free of charge or (in case of opposition to a criminal order) for a cost-covering price.

In the unlikely event that Vrouwenrechtswinkel Nijmegen cannot help you further, we advise you to visit the website for more information and (free) legal support.

Apart Verder

Since December 2022, Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel Nijmegen has had a partnership with mediaton office Apart Verder in the municipality of Nijmegen, who offer divorce counseling and mediaton. As divorcemediator and mediator they are educated to provide you of thorough information in regard to all financial, fiscal and legal aspects of your divorce.

Acta Advocaten & Mediators

Since December 2022, Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel Nijmegen has had a partnership with the lawyers of Acta Advocaten & Mediators. The lawyers of Acta Advocaten & Mediators are all very experienced lawyers. Acta Advocaten & Mediators is specialised in the jurisdictions of family law, inheritance law and immigration law. Additionally, they offer mediation, in particular divorce and family mediation and mediation in the area of labor law. They also aid victims of severe physical abuse and sexual abuse.

3M Advocaten

Since February 2023, Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel Nijmegen has had a partnership with the lawyers of 3M Advocaten. The lawyers at 3M Advocaten are all highly experienced lawyers specialized in employment law, tenancy law, psychiatric patient law and social security law. This concerns benefits such as PW, AOW, ZW, Wajong, Wia, Anw, AIO, WMO.

Nijenhuis & Lamers Advocaten

Nijenhuis & Lamers Advocaten is a law firm in Nijmegen. They are specialized in criminal law, juvenile criminal law, social security law and tenancy law.