In the mean time it will be possible to send your questions via email. From January 8th we will be having consultation hours once again. Questions we have received in the mean time via email will be answered as soon as possible from January 8th.

During our office hours we provide free legal advice with regard to all your questions about, among other things divorce, firings, tenancy law, social security, immigration law and domestic violence.
Come join us at a consultation or call us at 024- 324 08 55. Please note: we are only available during consultation hours.

Make an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment with us using our appointment planner on the website. You can also call or email us to schedule an appointment. You can call during our office hours. You can find our contact information here.
An appointment is recommend. This offers you the opportunity to provide information about your problems beforehand, allowing our workers to research your case in advance. In that case, it is possible to address the information that has been found and we may be able to provide an advice or answer already.

Is it not possible for you to visit us?
Ask your questions using: or call 024-3240855. You can also schedule a Skype appointment. 

Consultation hours:

Monday09:30 – 11:00
Tuesday19:00 – 20:30
Thursday19:00 – 20:30

Walk-in consultation hour
Would you like to visit a consultation hour? You do not need to make an appointment. We have as goal to help you with your problems as best and fast as we can. For this, we recommend that you bring all relevant letters and pieces (for example, a contract or letter) with you to the consultation hour or mail them beforehand.
Are you in doubt about the importance of certain pieces? Feel free to contact us about it beforehand. You can call us during a consultation hour or send a mail.

Once you’ve arrived at the venue, there will be a consultation room on the right hand side of the legal shop. Knock on the door of the consultation room and we’ll know you’re there. It is possible that one of our workers is in conversation. A worker will inform you of this. You may take a seat on the bench across from the consultation room.

We offer the possibility of a consult in English, so long as we are informed of this within a timely manner.